The magic and power of coaching lies in the internal process of change that is auto suggested and supported by the coach. Book a session now and start personal CHANGE.


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Find out how you can balance your weight and keep it under control.

Learn to choose and buy the best foods for your personal needs. Be committed to your goals. We are here to let you know how.

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We give you the support you need to achieve maximum health benefits through exercise. Also, if you’re an athlete who aims to improve performance, do not hesitate to contact us.




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Welcome to Factor Vida – Learning to Live

FACTOR VIDA was born of the desire to give you tools that enable you to achieve your goals and live your dreams.


Heal your past, clarify your goals, take action and achieve peace and happiness! Allow change through Coaching and live accordingly to your true potential.


Find out why your weight fluctuates constantly. Use awareness to control your diet without anxiety. Improve your eating habits. Buy great food with the best quality/price ratio.


Start or restart your physical activity or improve your athletic performance and learn how to organise your own workout.

Marco Silva

“Body, mind and spirit are inseparable and complementary parts that build us as a whole, and with only one target, a final goal, a call – being HAPPY.
My goal is to provide you with appropriate support and assistance to enable you to reach a higher state of consciousness and existential plenitude… Let’s walk together and make you discover the wisdom of life, become your best self!”

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“On the first session I had with Marco I was about to go into a depression over personal problems, I was locked…”

Susana Tejada

Hotel GM

“I think the coaching process brought me a channel of communication with my inner-self. For me now is a little bit easier to express my feelings…”

Alejandro Jaramillo


“Hello to all, about a month and a half ago I started with the coaching sessions. Although the main goal was to lose weight, Marco has managed…”

Ana Paula Dias

Therapist & Macrobiotic Chef