This is a fantastic evidence on how this experience can change our lives positively.
This web page belongs to a group of incredible professionals who realized and discovered the magic that surrounds the Way of Saint James and wish to bring it to the world through this extraordinary documentary:

I would like to finish this series of posts about the Way of St. James sharing a friend’s testimony.  Those are emotions and experiences “materialized” with a sensitivity that expresses how much this beautiful experience can touch the heart. I invite you to read and to feel…

“The changes that occur in ones’ life do not occur suddenly, and normally they are not delimited in time; changes are part of a “PROCESS “…. A process of internal change that you aspire to, through which you intend to find and develop human aspects such as serenity, honesty, openness, awareness or self-awareness, awareness of the environment and of the world, and peace and love for oneself, for others and for the world.

In this aspect the route to Santiago provides learning experiences that help and boost the human being in the process of change and internal search (if this need is present). The route is full of; strength and energy that is invisible but present, mysticism and charm that brings possibilities of growing either alone or together with all the pilgrims that will magically attract each other building a huge human net of connections.

And in this sense, it has been for me a wonderful experience that does not end, but it contributes enormously to my purpose of being a better person, more conscious and loving everything around me and that is LIFE”

Rosa Moya

My question for you is, “why do you think that an experience like the one posted here (pilgrimage / uncommon life and travel experience) might bring more awareness about life and provokes the reflection about who we really are?”
It would be great to know your Opinion!

Thank You.