According to the International Coach Federation “Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps to achieve extraordinary results in life, profession, companies or businesses. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their knowledge, increase performance and improve their quality of life”.

I also use the Bioneuroemoción® methodology in my individual sessions -that “allows us to take a panoramic picture of our problems, allows us to perceive all the factors that are affecting the quality of our life and, consequently, to make much more effective decisions” – Enric Corbera Institute.

By definition, I as a coach consider my clients masters of yoour life and work and I deeply respect your creativity, initiative and integrity. In our coaching relationship, I undertake to:

  • Bring you awareness for the consequences of your behaviours
  • Stimulate your change through supporting your action
  • Discover, clarify and define what you want to achieve
  • Support your journey into the discovery of yourself
  • Stimulate the solutions and strategies generated by you
  • Hold you accountable for being responsible and consistent
  • Motivate you to become the best version of yourself

I work with private clients and groups, in person, via Skype and WhatsApp, in English, Spanish and Portuguese

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