"Your path to change begins now. The past is no more than the collection of your memories, and the future does
not exist either, it can be what you want.
And that change begins within you,
stemming from your profound personal decision "

Marco Silva

Coach and Human Development Expert


One-on-One Sessions

"Just today I had the session with Marco. It was amazing how he led me and guided me to identify the source of my discomfort. I felt very comfortable and I came out of the session more confident, renewed and with resources to help me increase my self-confidence and empower myself. I highly recommend it. Amazing!"

Patricia Vilas Sánchez


3-month program

"I would like to thank Marco for his professionalism and closeness in our 3-month individual coaching programme for personal development and growth that we just finished a few days ago. It was an inner and outer journey that I needed to recognise myself. As an ICF certified Coach, I recognise and appreciate Marco's mastery and humanity as a Transformational Coach. Thank you very much Coach Marco Silva, my friend".

Toni Cañellas Llabrés


Initiation at the Camino

Regardless of their initial purpose, everyone feels that the experience of the ’Camino de Santiago' exerts a huge positive influence on their lives.
I organise an annual group retreat with transport, private Vila and Chef. Healthy food and other activities for personal growth. Ask me for the dates of the next retreat.
I am also open to walk the Camino de Santiago with you, be your guide and coach, as a complement to the 3-month coaching programme we work together. The icing on the cake of your transformation journey.

Do you want to know more on how we can work together?

Fill in the form or send me an email to marcosilva@factorvida.es

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