Marco Silva

“Body, mind and spirit are inseparable and complementary parts that build us as a whole, and with only one target, a final goal, a call – being HAPPY. My goal is to provide you with appropriate support and assistance to enable you to reach a higher state of consciousness and existential plenitude… Let’s walk together and make you discover the wisdom of life, become your best self!”

Marco Silva has a degree in physical education and sports and is qualified in traditional Chinese therapy. He began his career in the spa industry as a therapist. Following his appointment as manager, he developed several spa concepts for the international wellness industry. He is a graduate personal life coach, having completed the Certified Professional Coach Programme (CPCP) of the International Coach Academy (ICA) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Also has a post-graduation in a humanist discipline called Bioneuroemoción®.

Currently Marco is sharing his experience through FACTOR VIDA – LEARNING TO LIVE, his own company that offers coaching, personal training and nutritional support. FACTOR VIDA – LEARNING TO LIVE seeks to provide expert guidance to people like you who want to live life to its fullest potential.