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"Your change begins now. The past is no more than the
collection of your memories, and the future does
not exist either, it can be what you want.
And that change begins within you,
stemming from your profound personal decision "

Marco Silva


Marco Silva

Coaching and Bioneuroemoción®

One-on-One Sessions

A conversation that inspires you, a safe space to explore unexpressed emotions, beliefs, conflicts and difficulties. This is where you become aware and ready to open the door to personal change.
These individual sessions are extremely powerful, and enable you to positively change the way you perceive your life.

If you're worlwide book your session online or if you prefer face-to-face sessions in Costa Blanca, Mallorca and Madeira Island

Marco Silva

The 4 Pillars of Change


Practical workshop designed to support your personal change and transformation based on a method I have developed. The 4 pillars are:

· Awareness of what you wish to change.
· Heal and letting go the past.
· Defining goals and your action plan.
· Finding your driving force.

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Marco Silva

Premium Packages*

The Camino de Santiago

Regardless of their initial purpose, everyone feels that the experience of the ’Camino‘ exerts a huge positive influence on their lives.

Personal Retreat

It consists of 3 days of personal, one-on-one work where you will leave with a profound awareness and life plan based on the method The 4 Pillars of Change.

*Organized on request

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