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Hi beautiful you,

I walked the Camino de Santiago for the first time in 2004, perhaps the main reason I dedicate myself to accompanying others with coaching. On the Camino I realised that to return to showing a sincere smile, I had to stop pleasing others and start living what mattered to me - my truth, and regain my confidence and self-love. What I experienced there has literally changed my life, I left everything behind to start a new Way of life. (more about me...)

This led me to create a service that recreates the process that so many pilgrims have gone through; that profound change so characteristic of this hero's journey. In addition to the accompaniment through a 2-month coaching programme, I will accompany you there on the Camino to support and empower your change process.

We will be in the magical Galicia, a region located in the far northwest of Spain.

I offer you 4 options of routes on 8 different dates, choose the one that best suits your needs:

Option 1 - English Way: Ferrol -> Santiago de Compostela - 113 km
Available dates: From 24/05/2023 to 01/06/2023 and from 01/06/2023 to 09/06/2023

Option 2 - Portuguese Way: A Ramallosa -> Santiago de Compostela - 120 km
Available dates: From 26/07/2023 to 03/08/2023 and from 03/08/2023 to 11/08/2023

Option 3 - Portuguese Way: Tui -> Santiago de Compostela - 114 km
Dates available: From 26/07/2023 to 03/08/2023 and from 03/08/2023 to 11/08/2023

Option 4 - French Way: Sarria -> Santiago de Compostela - 111 km
Available dates: From 20/09/2023 to 28/09/2023 and from 28/09/2023 to 06/10/2023

A client's experience at the Camino de Santiago

Marco Silva Coaching testimonio Tanya da Silva

"The goals I set out to achieve when I started my "Camino experience" were to challenge myself physically while becoming more self-aware of my mental and emotional needs.

What I took away from the process is that I am stronger mentally and physically than I ever imagined or thought possible. The new awareness I took away is that I can accomplish any goal I set for myself; while the journey I take to get there may not look or come how I think or envision it will, what is most important is that I get there at my own pace and being kind to myself in the process.

This experience will allow me to apply these principles to my everyday life and how I approach all future challenges, decisions and struggles. The "Camino" is very much a journey of respect and patience - for one's body, mind and spirit. Respecting your pace, your speed, your needs, your thoughts, your desires - because if you are unable to understand and respect these for yourself - you certainly cannot expect anyone else to do it for you.

Marco is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend him for whatever your needs are. Whether you need personal life coaching, physical activity and nutritional training, etc. - he has the ability to understand how to tailor a specific program that works not only for your personality but also addresses your specific needs. His coaching has brought me a higher level of self-awareness and discovery, improved my quality of life, helped improve my health and fitness and continues to help me achieve a more balanced life, physically, mentally and spiritually"

Tanya da Silva


Doing the Camino de Santiago

If you would like to know how I can accompany you as a coach and spiritual guide on the Camino de Santiago leave a message below, or email me at
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