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Marco Silva Coaching free webinars

Free - Group webinars

These talks gather the perfect conditions for you to get a better understanding of the type of work I do with my clients, they are always interesting, they are always fun, and they are always productive.
We cover topics such as personal growth, spirituality, personal change and transformation, forgiveness, fear, freedom, wellbeing, tools to control emotions, achieve happiness, and goals, understanding life purpose, what is the mirror law, limiting beliefs, and how to live from self-love and inner peace among many other things.
Ask me for the next talk in Spanish, I organise one every 2-3 months, you are very much invited.

Marco Silva Coaching group coaching

Online Group Coaching Sessions

So what is coaching, and how and to what end can coaching help us?
I could give you many definitions of coaching - in a very simple way we could call it personal training for the mind or even mental fitness. But there is no better way to understand it than to try a session for yourself, and even better if you share it with like-minded people who are entering the world of personal growth and improvement.
These sessions have a topic; I will ask you to come up with a certain theme to explore, they are sessions where we learn about ourselves through the other people present, the key question is "what can I learn about myself through this person and his/her situation?" They are more accessible, more relaxed sessions, held in a safe, non-judgmental and respectful environment where you can gain more clarity about the difficulties or conflicts in your life.
We meet once a month. Group open to a maximum of 9 people.

Marco Silva Coaching individual sessions

Individual Coaching Sessions

An individual coaching session is a very important first step towards changing behaviours, patterns and feelings that are limiting you. Maybe there is some suffering in your life and you don't know the best way to get rid of it. This session is perfect to help you.
I will ask you for a topic to work on; usually, something that makes you angry, something you want to change, something that causes you anxiety and/or you can't forgive. From here we will explore moments of stress, feelings and associated emotions. And for you to gain more awareness we will go deeper into the study of your family tree among other things.
You will leave with much more clarity, understanding the reason for so many difficulties and conflicts in your life. With more tranquillity, peace, and joy, with a feeling of being able to do what you set out to do and with a sense of freedom. I'll also give you a summary of the session with some tools you can apply. This is an important step to deepen and shape your transformation.
These sessions can be done online or in-person (in Benissa).

Marco Silva Coaching 3 month intensive coaching programme

Coaching Programme - 3 month intensive 

This is one of my favourite services due to the fantastic working relationship I develop with my clients. The great commitment and demand make this programme directed to people who desire a very significant change in their lives as well as being open, willing to commit to their dreams and take the necessary steps to transform their lives. This programme implies a before and after in your life. Are you ready?
During the 3 months of the programme, and in addition to the 9 sessions that we will be having, I will be at your disposal daily to discuss your progress, and to help you with coaching by messaging, phone, and email. I will send you videos, quotes, reflective questions, coaching, personal growth and spirituality tools, book recommendations and hold you accountable with your goals.
The personal transformation potential is enormous, above all, you will feel that your life will be led by you and from the deep Love you will feel for yourself, you will understand that the freedom to be who you want to be is possible and only depends on yourself.
Schedule your interview with me now:

Marco Silva Coaching Camino de Santiago retreat

Camino de Santiago Retreat

The Camino de Santiago is a modern adventure, a pilgrimage, an initiatory experience that involves walking outdoors, in beautiful nature, passing through various spots of scenic, cultural and gastronomic interest, through cities, villages, monuments and ending in the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain.
The Camino de Santiago is a catalysing experience of personal change, there is something undeniable provided by pacing a walk in nature and on a path ritualised and sacralised by the steps of millions of pilgrims over more than 10 centuries, by sharing this experience with other like-minded people, by the continuous overcoming that allows us to obtain answers, clarity, courage to act and to live more authentically.
Everything has been thought out in detail so that all you have to do is walk, share this experience with your companions and find the answers you are looking for.
Includes superior quality accommodation with private room and full board, a training and nutrition plan, shopping list, on-site coaching and guidance during the activity, pilgrim passport and transfers.
Organised once a year, book your place for your next adventure here:

Marco Silva Coaching Camino de Santiago initiatory journey

Initiation and coaching on the Camino de Santiago

A promise, a guarantee; you will not be the same at the end of this incredible initiatory experience. Initiation implies letting go of something that no longer serves you and opening yourself to the new, to what life is asking you to be, to realise, to have.
The Camino de Santiago has been an initiatory route since before it was considered a pilgrimage by the Catholic Church (9th century). It's a true hero's journey. A route that was walked by Greeks, Muslims, Romans, Celts, initiates... and they walked to the end of the known world then - to Finisterra and witnessed the symbolic death of the Sun and its rebirth the next day; a symbol of that inner transformation they were looking for when undertaking such an adventure. They also used the temples and monuments available to deepen their spirituality through prayer, meditation and contemplation.
Here I accompany you as your spiritual guide and coach, it can be the ideal end to your 3-month coaching intensive with me or the closure you are looking for that issue occupying you for the latest phase of your life. It is a unique, life-long lasting experience that promotes deep personal transformation. And it's not for everyone; if you think you're ready, book a meeting with me:

Do you want to know if we can work together? Shall we meet for coffee?

I invite you to a sales-free virtual coffee. Leave here your availability and the subject you would like to talk to me about. If you prefer send me an email to or check my availability here and make your appointment with me at Calendly.

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