About my clients

Marco Silva Coaching my clients

The sentences that define the difficulties and conflicts of my clients and why they seek to work with me:

- "I can't take any more of this life of pleasing others".
- "It bothers me a lot that they don't love and accept me as I am".
- "I don't like the way I am and the way I look".
- "I feel like the living dead, I need a deep transformation in my life".
- "I need to change my life and control my feelings".
- "I feel I don't know how to love"
- "I am desperate, I don't know how to control my emotions"
- "How can I get back to who I was?"
- "I feel jealous, and I don't like it".
- "I let myself be manipulated and mistreated, I don't know how to set limits".
- "I'm afraid of failure, of rejection, of pain, of asking for help, ..."
- "I lack confidence and self-esteem to do what I want to do".
- "I want to forgive her/him, I want to forgive myself and I don't know how".
- "Why am I always haunted by this feeling that something is missing" (money, affection, food, time, ...)?
- "I lack adventure and freedom in my life, I have to do something" 
- "It's time to change all this suffering" 

I am truly honoured to work with these remarkable individuals; they realise that they are in an uncomfortable position and want to get out of it as quickly as possible, wanting to change the way they think and feel about the difficulties they have in their lives. They are leaders in the sense that they seek to take charge of their lives, they take responsibility and when necessary they seek accompaniment to work with rather than magic pills and/or immediate solutions or advice given by others.

Me and my clients, we are interested in;

- Spirituality, self-improvement and personal growth,

- Leadership and positive social interaction - building together,

- Equality and equity,

- Care for the environment and Nature,

- Physical, mental and emotional well-being,

- Initiatory experiences such as the Camino de Santiago,

- Sport, adventure and experiential activities.

- Self-love, peace, freedom, empowerment and joy.

If you feel identified with one or more of these categories and you find yourself in a turning point moment in your life, let's talk! I invite you to a sales-free virtual coffee. My honest purpose is to help you and I guarantee that you will leave that call with a clearer vision of the next step to take even if we don't work together.

Do you want to know if we can work together? Shall we meet for coffee?

I invite you to a sales-free virtual coffee. Leave here your availability and the subject you would like to talk to me about. If you prefer send me an email to marcosilva@factorvida.es or check my availability and make you appointment with me at Calendly.

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